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TherAPPy - Smart support for psychotherapy

The smartphone is a daily companion for many people today. This offers the opportunity to implement psychotherapeutic interventions in everyday life. With the help of apps, psychotherapeutic diagnostic- and treatment-processes can be supported. A variety of "health apps" are already available on the market and are easy to access for the public. With the TherAPPy app, we aim to achieve a scientific standard for apps in the psychotherapeutic context in order to ensure key functionalities such as patient safety, data privacy, efficacy and efficiency.
On this basis, we are currently developing and evaluating different apps that can be used in the treatment of mental disorders and to support diagnostic processes.


Refu-App: App for health assessment and help-allocation for refugees with mental health problems


The goal of the project is to develop an adaptive system that helps to identify and analyze the state of health of refugees through questionnaires. This allows for rapid and efficient allocation of assistance where needed.



The Dep-Track-App is under development and should give patients who are diagnosed with depression the opportunity to keep a digital diary about their mood and relevant activities. It is supposed to be used alongside a psychotherapy. The structured and regularly collected data can provide information about possible starting points for psychotherapeutic interventions.