Psychotherapy research
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Psychotherapy research

He who has a why (to live) can bear almost any how. - Friedrich Nietzsche


The main goal in psychotherapy research is to explore the mechanisms behind psychotherapy. It addresses the question why a treatment is effective or ineffective. It is about making therapy processes understandable and thus optimizable. This helps to enable the best possible care of people suffering from mental health problems. The focus of our research is on cognitive behavioral therapy, specializing in the therapy of anxiety and trauma related disorders. We further examine other disorders such as depression and eating disorders.


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Prof. Dr. Youssef Shiban



M. Sc. Psych. Rosa Palm

M. Sc. Psych. Paul Palm

M. Sc. Applied Statistics Kai Schneider

Dipl. Bio. Jan Raacke


VR Lab

VRT - Lab

In the VRT Lab we explore the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technologies for the evaluation and treatment of mental disorders.




With the help of apps, psychotherapeutic diagnostic- and treatment-processes can be supported.