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Focus on Research

Through its research institutes and activities, PFH is building up expert knowledge, thereby raising its profile not only in teaching, but also in science. Numerous projects, publications, conferences, and talks by professors and their research assistants take place throughout the year. The continuing expansion of these research activities is at the very top of the agenda of University development.

Research Papers and Studies


The Forschungspapiere/Research Papers and the Studies document PFH's research activities. This allows the University to create a high-profile and high-calibre platform for its scientific activities and enables it to communicate the results quickly and comprehensively to target groups relevant to research.


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GlycoRec Research Project: Interactive Help for Patients with Diabetes


To help patients with diabetes to make complex decisions in their daily lives and to implement resolutions is the aim of the "GlycoRec" research project. It is an adaptive learning system, also referred to as interactive bio life logging. The coordination centre for the project funded to the tune of 1.4 million euro by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is located in the Department of Business Psychology at PFH Private University of Applied Sciences.


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Emerging Economies Projects


Governance in Emerging Economies

The task of the "Governance in Emerging Economies" research project is to take a differentiated look at the role of the state in promoting economic development in emerging countries. The research project is therefore a response to the globally observable increase in state influence in the respective national economies.


The focus of the analysis is on the specific governance provided by the state. Various studies are investigating state activities at the level of the institutional and administrative framework, the concrete economic policy measures and the socio-political integration of the economic models.


Under this project, PFH is cooperating with the University of Groningen, Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and KIMEP University Almaty. The project is being funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.


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Emerging Market Economies in Central Asia

The research project "Emerging Market Economies in Central Asia" focuses on the Central Asian countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan. The wealth of natural oil and gas in this region means that these countries attract global interest. However, they have scarcely figured to date in analyses by economists and political scientists. The research study is therefore particularly concerned with institutional reforms that are made on the road to establishing a market economy system.


On 25 and 26 September, 2008, PFH Göttingen, in collaboration with the University of Groningen and the Volkswagen Foundation, hosted an international conference on the subject of "Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance in Central Asia".


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KomPost Network of Excellence
(Institutions and Institutional Change in Post-Socialism)

The teams of researchers in the interdisciplinary network are investigating the interactions between political, economic and social developments in the area of tension between historical traditions and globalisation in formerly socialist countries.


Under KomPost, PFH is a member of a network of excellence which, in addition to Prof. Dr. Joachim Ahrens (PFH), gathers together numerous renowned researchers on Eastern Europe from throughout Germany.


Under the project, the PFH researchers, led by Professor Dr. Joachim Ahrens, are shedding particular light on political and economic developments in Central and East Asia. This provides a very good complement to the project "Emerging Markets in Central Asia", which has been running since 2008 and is being funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.


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