Prof. Dr. Siegmar Blumentritt, Biomechanics at the PFH
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Prof. Dr. Siegmar Blumentritt


Professor of Biomechanics


After obtaining his university entrance qualification, Siegmar Blumentritt (born in 1951) studied Physics in Jena. After graduating with a degree in Physics in 1974, he was a research assistant in the Department of Biomechanics and Motor Control (led by Prof. Gutewort) at the Jena Institute of Sport Science. 1979, doctorate (Dr.rer.nat.) in the context of research into competitive sports. After two years in industry, Dr. Blumentritt switched in 1981 to the Rudolf-Elle Hospital Eisenberg, University of Jena's Department of Orthopaedics (headed by Prof. Langer). There, he established and headed the Department of Biomechanics, which was centrally incorporated into joint implant research and development.


From 1983 onwards, distance-learning studies, lasting several years, in Biophysics at the Academy for Continuing Medical Education in Berlin, which ended with his gaining the qualification "Specialist Medical Physicist". 1988, Habilitation (post-doctoral qualification for lecturing at a university) 1990, appointment as honorary lecturer in Biomechanics at the University of Jena. After a study visit to Strathclyde University, Glasgow (Prof. Paul) in 1992, set up, and has hitherto headed, the research division of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH Duderstadt, the global market leader in exoprosthetics.


His published research results led to a large number of invited lectures around the world and involvement in committees of the International Specialist Society (ISPO). In parallel with this, Dr. Blumentritt undertook intensive teaching activities, initially at the University of Jena and subsequently at Gießen University of Applied Sciences and the University of Göttingen. 2006, professor extraordinarius at the University of Göttingen. Siegmar Blumentritt has been Professor of Biomechanics at PFH Private University of Applied Sciences since 2012.