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Prof. Dr. Manfred P. Zilling


Professor of Business Information Systems,
specialising in E-Entrepreneurship and E-Business


After obtaining his university entrance qualification and training as an Industrial Business Management Assistant, Prof. Dr. Manfred P. Zilling studied Business Information Systems at the University of Göttingen, earning his doctorate in 2006. From 2002, he also worked as a lecturer at the University of Göttingen (Institute for Business Information Systems), the Academy of Business Administration and Public Management (VWA) in Göttingen and the Leibniz Academy in Hanover. He became involved, in an application-oriented manner, as Head of Cluster of the existing EXIST-SEED projects at the University of Göttingen, where he also supervised Bachelor's, Master's and Diplom theses. He commenced his teaching activities at PFH as of the 2008/09 winter semester.


His specialisations are e-business, business administration application systems, cost/activity accounting and entrepreneurship modules. As Prof. Zilling has a parallel activity as a serial entrepreneur, mainly in the sphere of e-business, and has also frequently acted as a start-up adviser, he passes on his expertise on subjects such as "e-entrepreneurship, SEO, SEM and social media marketing" to students and, as the Managing Director of the German Institute for Digital Performance Marketing, to interested parties in the context of consultancy projects.



08/92 - 02/95
Training as an Industrial Business Management Assistant with H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG


07/94 - 07/96
Active member of the Youth and Trainee Delegation of H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG


03/95 - 07/96
Commercial administrator in the Sales/Export department of H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG


08/97 - 04/99
Orientation phase tutor for students beginning Business Sciences


10/97 - 03/98
Academic assistant (without exam) at the Institute of Business Information Systems, Dpt. II: Tutor introducing data processing to students of Business Sciences


seit 02/98
Managing Director of truckpoint Nutzfahrzeugservice GmbH


07/02 - 06/06
Research assistant at the Institute of Business Information Systems, Department I


seit 09/04
Lecturer at the Academy of Business Administration and Public Management (VWA) in Göttingen and Hannover


Post-doctoral research assistant at the Institute of Business Administration Production and Investment Research, Department of Corporate Planning, Head of Cluster for Exist-Seed project: E-Marketplace Automotive, GiSBus, Ciiju.

seit 02/08
Managing Director of CiijU GmbH


seit 04/08
Managing Director of unionIS GmbH


seit 12/08
Managing Director of Dr. Zilling Capital Associates GmbH


seit 11/08
Professor of Business Information Systems Appointed on 19/12/2008.


seit 08/10
Managing Director of Deutsches Institut für Digital Performance Marketing GmbH | The GmbH not only offers consultancy, but also carries out several of its own projects, including, for example, the continuing education portals and


seit 08/10
Partner/majority shareholder: byMii GmbH - generic social commerce, facebook shop in a few minutes


Presentation of eMarketplace:automotive! at CeBIT 2007 in the future parc.


Preparatory activities: conceptual design and prototype implementation of a virtual marketplace as electronic complementary distribution and procurement channel for the automotive aftermarket. The university spin-off is already being prepared with the support of the EXIST-SEED programme (BMWi).


BMWi-Projekt GISBus (geoinformationsservicebasiertes Businessprozessportal - Konzeption und Implementierung): Ein neutrales, internetbasiertes Buchungsmodul mit angeschlossener Groupwarelösung, zur effizienten und durchgängigen Termin-, Auslastungsplanung und -steuerung für den optimierten Einsatz von Aussendienstmitarbeitern. Präsentation auf der CeBIT 2008.


BMWi project GISBus (geo-information service-based business process portal - conceptual design and implementation): a neutral, Internet-based booking module with connected groupware solution for efficient and consistent appointment planning, utilisation planning and control for optimised deployment of sales representatives. Presentation at CeBIT 2008.


BMWi project Ciiju: a highly integrated social network, beginnings: provide consistent support to an exchange of digital goods between different roles of social engagement. Presentation at CeBIT 2009.


Conceptual design and implementation of an Internet-supported booking system for allocating service appointments for small and medium-sized service companies with a view to implementing a time-related differentiation of prices. The flexpreis prototype was presented at the exhibition focus future parc CeBIT 2006. There are plans to continue the project on a research and industrial basis.


Optimising leverage effects due to the recursive adjustment of hybrid online business models by utilising search engine information asymmetries identified for providers. Case Studies: agricultural tyres, lorry tyres. The business unit with the highest competitive density is engaged in the sale of cost-effective tyres.


Approach to a novel teaching/learning method on a Master's degree: e-business case study / live start-up with a hybrid shop concept as an affiliate-generating recommendation system for midwives; combination of altruism and economy (social entrepreneurship).




Investigation into selected operation research methods in terms of an efficient, geodata-based routing system (2007/2008).


Critical assessment of the revenue management approach with regard to its use in hub&spoke systems (2007/2008).


Analysis, conceptual design and evaluation of a product management system for a company in the automotive industry (2007).


Critical analysis of the possibilities and limitations of using RFID technology in the automotive supply chain (2007).


Critical reflection on the impact caused by the introduction of a B2B marketplace on the automotive value creation chain (2006/2007).


Investigation of the success factors of an electronic revenue management system for service SMEs (2006).


Description and investigation of the transferability of CRM methods to the SRM approach (2006).


Possibilities and limitations of using yield management in SMEs (2006).


Systematic analysis of critical success factors of an e-marketplace using the example of the automotive aftermarket (2005/2006).


Description, conceptual design and evaluation of an e-yield management system for SMEs in the service sector (2005/2006).


VoIP - technical description and development of a dedicated migration guide for introducing IP telephony (2005).


Description and evaluation of the opportunities and risks associated with using RFID technology in the automotive aftermarket (2005).


Conceptual design and prototype implementation of a tool for calibrating automotive safety systems (2005).


Description and assessment of instruments of Internet-supported direct and dialogue marketing for small and medium-sized service companies (2005).


Evaluation and assessment of the customer relationship management approach for SMEs (2005).


Description and evaluation of Internet-based eCRM methods for the Chinese automotive market (2005).


Conceptual design and prototype implementation of an electronic yield management system (2005).


Investigation of the applicability of tools and methods of vertical cooperation concepts to the supply chain of the automotive aftermarket (2004).


Description and evaluation of factors involved in successful e-commerce (2004).


Possibilities and limitations of using Internet-based methods for handling business ordering processes - analysis with special consideration of the market for telecommunications services - (2003).