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Prof. Dr. Bernt R. A. Sierke


Professor of General Business Administration, specialising in Industrial Management, Accounting and Controlling


Bernt R. A. Sierke was born in Göttingen in 1959. After studying Business Administration and subsequently earning his doctorate in Göttingen, Prof. Sierke worked as a management consultant and lecturer. Since 1994, Prof. Sierke has been founding shareholder and co-shareholder of GFL GmbH, the holding company of PFH Private University of Applied Sciences. Since 1998, Bernt R. A. Sierke has been Professor of Business Administration. He was elected President of the University in 1999 and held the office until November 2014. His entrepreneurial activities have been documented by various positions as managing director and executive board member since 1994, including executive board spokesman of a national IT public limited company and managing director of a consulting company.


Bernt R. A. Sierke is the editor of various books on management, including "Zeitgerechtes Controlling" (2000).