The PFH's Professors and Lecturers
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Professors and Lecturers

The Professors of the PFH are both subject-matter experts in their respective disciplines and proven practitioners with at least five years' professional experience. They are thus able to impart to you as students both in-depth theoretical knowledge based on state-of-the-art research and its practical application. This enables you as graduates of the PFH to transfer what you have learnt quickly and efficiently to the world of work.


For corporate partners, professors are, in equal measure, contact persons for collaborative projects. These may be both contract research projects on application-based issues and practical projects, in which students perform scientific analysis of concrete case studies from your company.


The professorial team is complemented by a large number of Lecturers, to whom the PFH awards teaching contracts to give an even broader basis to its transfer of knowledge. What is common to them all is that they have the relevant outstanding expertise and experience to ensure that PFH students are offered the highest quality of content in the study programmes.