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University for Business Starters

As a university run on entrepreneurial lines, the training of entrepreneurial new blood and hence the promotion of entrepreneurship in practice are an essential cornerstone of the PFH's orientation. Activities covering all aspects of this topic area are concentrated in the ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (Centre for Entrepreneurship). Imparting entrepreneurship content or ability to act entrepreneurially as a key qualification cuts across all departments at PFH and beyond: The ZE team advises and assists students, employees and alumni as prospective and active business starters, intrapreneurs and company successors in formulating, testing and further developing (business) concepts with a view to implementing them successfully.


Through the Board of Trustees and its more than 500 partner companies, the University has excellent links to business throughout Germany and, particularly in the regions of Göttingen und Stade, is embedded in the largely medium-sized company environment. Entrepreneurial thinking is also reflected in the student body, in the form, for example, of a large percentage of students who specify autonomy as a career goal or already come from an entrepreneurial family background.

Your Benefits

  • Start-up management events can be attended in every department
  • Network with more than 500 partner companies
  • Promotion of entrepreneurial initiative by means of inspiration, cooperation and networking
  • Academic support for start-ups through research
  • Supervision of entrepreneurial projects by start-up experts
  • Incubators (e-labs) in Göttingen and Stade can be used as infrastructure for start-ups

Further information:

 ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship