Socio-Political Discourse
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Socio-Political Discourse

The series of Socio-Political Discourses at PFH addresses current, socially controversial issues on a semi-annual basis. This event is not about giving talks. Rather, the intention is to move the viewpoints, opinions and arguments of all participants centre-stage. The aim consists in getting to know others' opinions as well as formulating, presenting, reflecting on, and possibly modifying, one's own viewpoints. Each event will start with a brief trigger presentation to create a basis for the general discussion.

Invitations are extended to all interested pupils, teachers, parents of pupils of our partner schools and all students and members of PFH Göttingen.

Some of the Topics the Programme
Has Covered So Far

  • Causes and consequences of the global economic and financial crisis
  • Politicians' weariness of office: expression of excessive demands or abdication of responsibility?
  • Revolution in the Arab world Western interests, objectives and conflicts
  • Euro and debt crisis: is the European Union about to fail?
  • Failing states as a problem of international development policy
  • Germany as a business location: problems, opportunities, action strategies