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Göttingen Strategy Discussions

The Göttingen Strategy Discussions are a regular event staged by the PFH, offering entrepreneurs and students alike a platform for discussing with high-calibre experts about current management issues. The University attaches particular importance here to linking scientific expertise with practical experience. The Strategy Discussions get underway with the invited experts giving a number of trigger presentations. The issues are consolidated, and the acquired knowledge shared, in workshops and in a panel discussion.

The Programme Has So Far
Covered the Following Topics:

  • Windows or Linux?
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Der SPIEGEL as a brand
  • Business transformations due to e-business
  • Retail business: convenience, smart or discount shopping?
  • Personnel development strategies
  • How are cult brands actually created?
  • Lifelong working-time accounts
  • Customer Insights
  • Increasing revenue by strategic pricing
  • Strategies for demographic change