PFH Lower Saxony Scholarship|Exclusive to PFH Göttingen
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(PFH Lower Saxony Scholarship)

PFH has created this scholarship programme for study programmes in Management at the Campus Göttingen. The scholarship holders receive a monthly part-cost scholarship of 200 euro towards their tuition fees over the entire duration of the Bachelor's degree course. This adds up to a total of 7,200 euro per university place.


In addition, scholarship holders are integrated into a mentoring programme involving entrepreneurs in Lower Saxony. The mentors have an advisory function and are available, in regular meetings and via e-mail, to give scholarship holders advice on the following subjects:


  • Strategic career tips
  • Entrepreneurial experience
  • Subject-specific content


The PFH-Niedersachsen-
stipendium is a programme
for top university entrance
qualification holders
from throughout Germany.

A total of 20 places are available

The intention is to recruit one scholarship holder from each of the 16 federal states. In addition, four other new students from Lower Saxony will be given an opportunity to be included in the programme.



Criteria for Inclusion in the Scholarship Programme


  • Above-average university (of applied sciences) entrance qualification with an average grade of 1.0 – 2.0

  • Special commitment beyond school life, for example: social commitment, economic commitment (business start-up), outstanding sporting achievements, political commitment within an organisation or party belonging to the democratic spectrum

  • Passing the PFH's acceptance test




What Applicants Need to Do

Anyone wishing to apply for one of the scholarship places should submit the following documents, in addition to the standard application documents:


  • Proof of extra-curricular commitment

  • Cover letter regarding participation in the scholarship programme

Interested parties can ask further questions about the PFH Lower Saxony Scholarship Programme by sending an e-mail to studieninfo(at) The contact person for the programme is Prof. Dr. Frank Albe.