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Deutsche Bildung –
A Somewhat Different Student Loan

Secure study finance provides the basis of successful studies. The aim of the PFH is to enable students to follow a course of study regardless of (parental) income.


That is why the PFH is offering you another attractive study assistance model with immediate effect: the flexible study finance provided by our collaborative partner, Deutsche Bildung AG.

Funding with individual support, career coaching and flexible repayment

Individual Support, Career Coaching and Flexible Repayment

This custom-made study finance is designed to foster students' personal development. You can apply for up to 25,000 euro for your studies and use these funds flexibly for living costs, tuition fees or study abroad. Deutsche Bildung assigns monthly amounts according to individual requirements, which are combined with a one-off subsidy. In addition, through events, advice about applications, an online portal and much more, WissenPlus, the integrated support programme, gets you ready to start your career.


Unlike a student loan, repayment is based on income following career entry. On completion of your studies, you repay to the study fund a fixed percentage of your gross income (usually 3 to 10 percent) over a period of between three and seven years.

Deutsche Bildung is not a bank, but provides study assistance through study funds, in which private investors invest their wealth. Investors are involved in students' professional success with a moderate return.
Under the collaborative partnership with Deutsche Bildung, 100 funding places are reserved for PFH students. Take advantage of the opportunity provided by this individual study assistance scheme to achieve your chosen course of study.

What Applicants Need to Do

Apply for a study programme at the PFH:

On-campus study programme:
Online Application Form for On-Campus Study Programme

Apply, at the same time, for your individual assistance from Deutsche Bildung AG . If you are accepted as a student at the PFH, you are sure to receive your study assistance.