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(Germany Scholarship) at PFH

The programme, initiated by the government in 2011, supports students who have demonstrated promise of outstanding achievements in their studies and careers. One half is financed by the federal government and the other half by private donors (companies, NGOs, private individuals).


The concept of achievement on which the scholarship is based is deliberately broad: good grades and academic achievements are just as much a part of it as the willingness to assume responsibility or the successful mastering of obstacles in one's own life and education. The scholarship holders receive the income-independent grant of 300 Euros per month for two semesters within their standard period of study, so that they can successfully focus on their higher education (also see the federal website


The federal government and committed sponsors (companies) each fund half of the scholarship. A contribution of 150 euro a month thus enables companies to support the training of excellent new blood for business and organisations. PFH selects the scholarship holders in a transparent procedure according to defined criteria and organises the funding. The commitment to a scholarship applies to two semesters at a time and is then re-assessed by PFH. A funding duration over the entire standard period of study is the target.


Apply now at PFH!

You will receive an invitation to apply via your PFH-mail address approximately six weeks before the application deadline. Only then, will the online application form be activated.

To your application.


Who can apply?

Prospective students and all students of all nationalities of the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences. You must be enrolled at the PFH by April 1st or October 1st and for at least two more semesters within your standard period of study at the beginning of the funding period.


You will receive the 300 Euros per month in addition to e.g., BAföG benefits regardless of income for your own disposal. Double funding through other scholarships is generally not possible.


Fur further questions please contact

Thale-Verena Hapke


+49551 54700 456


Website Deutschlandstipendium

Deutschlandstipendium (Germany Scholarship).



- Do I need to pay back the Germany Scholarship? No.

- I am not yet enrolled at the PFH, can I still apply? If you start your studies at the PFH on April 1st or October 1st of a year, you can apply in the period directly before the start of your studies.

- I am studying distance learning/ master’s degree/second degree, can I also apply? Yes.

- I have received the Germany scholarship before, can I apply again? Yes, you can re-apply. It is crucial that the previous funding period has ended when the new funding begins. Overlapping funding from the Germany Scholarship is not possible.

- How is my funding made up? All scholarship holders receive financial support of 300 Euros per month for one year. Private sponsors (companies, organizations, foundations, associations or private individuals) pay 150 Euros.

- How many scholarship awards are there per selection round? The number of grants varies in each round, depending on the sponsors.


As a Germany scholarship holder, you are also part of a network and can benefit from contacts in practice. In this way, the Germany scholarship offers more than just financial support.


Other Scholarship Programmes

The following scholarships might also be interesting for you as well. Please note that if you are already receiving a talent- and performance-based scholarship you cannot additionally receive a Germany scholarship.

- DAAD Scholarship Programs

- Erasmus Scholarship Programs

- Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung

- Heinrich Böll Foundation

- Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung

- STIBET (You will receive an invitation for application each summer via your PFH-mail address)


Sponsors of the Germany Scholarship at PFH

- Arbeitgeberverband Mitte e.V.

- GWG Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtentwicklung Göttingen mbH

- KiK Textilien und Non-Food GmbH

- KWS Saat AG Lookfamed GmbH

- Malerbetrieb Hinkelmann

- Medi GmbH & Co. KG.

- OneJoon GmbH

- Ottobock SE&Co GGaA

- POCO Einrichtungsmärkte GmbH

- Sartorius AG Streifeneder

- ortho.production GmbH

Federal government and companies provide financial assistance to above-average university entrance qualification holders - also at PFH

Criteria for inclusion in
the scholarship programme are:

  • (Study) achievements
  • Extracurricular commitment (voluntary work, political as well as social commitment)
  • Awards and prizes
  • Successful mastering of obstacles in one’s own life and education

Help Ukraine:10 full scholarships for refugees from Ukraine

PFH is awarding ten full scholarships at the Göttingen Campus and the Hansecampus Stade for refugees affected by the war in Ukraine. "We are deeply dismayed by the war in Ukraine - and we don't know how long Russia's war of aggression will last. And although we sincerely hope that refugees from Ukraine will soon be allowed to return to peace and freedom, we would like to give refugee students the opportunity to continue or begin their higher education at PFH," explains Prof. Dr. Frank Albe, President of PFH. "In this way, PFH wants to give continuity and perspective to young people from Ukraine who have no future prospects in their own country."


In addition to a guest student program for refugees, PFH offers a total of ten full scholarships in English-language master's degree programs:


Five scholarships in Göttingen:

  • General Management, M.Sc. with lectures starting 19.04.2022
  • User Experience Management and Design, M.Sc. with start at 2022-10-01.

Five scholarships in Stade in the field of technology with start at 2022-10-01.

  • Digitalization and Automation, M.Sc.
  • Industrial Engineering, M.Sc.
  • New Mobility - Micromobility, M.Sc.
  • Lightweight Engineering and Composites, M.Sc.