Recognition by the BDP
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What is the opinion of the professional associations (BDP, DGPs) about the distance-learning study programmes in Business Psychology/Psychology at PFH?

PFH has designed the study programmes in Psychology (Bachelor of Science and Master of Science) in accordance with the specifications of the German Psychological Society (DGPs). Further information is available here.


The Association of German Professional Psychologists (BDP) maintains two lists of study programmes in Psychology: one that contains programmes recognised in terms of membership, and one that includes programmes not recognised in terms of membership of the BDP. This eligibility for recognition by the BDP is therefore not to be confused with the statutorily regulated state recognition of PFH (since 1995) and the accreditation of study programmes by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA). All the PFH's distance-learning study programmes in Psychology and Business Psychology are, of course, accredited.


The PFH's Bachelor's degree in Psychology is eligible for recognition and included in the corresponding list.


The Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology and the Master's degree in Applied Psychology for Business are not eligible for recognition.


The Master's degree in Psychology and the Master's degree in Business Psychology are eligible for recognition if the Bachelor's degree has been taken in a study programme eligible for recognition, e.g. the Bachelor's degree in Psychology, but not with other possible entries, e.g. the Bachelor's degree in Business Psychology.


A Master's degree in a study programme eligible for recognition will enable a graduate to obtain full membership of the BDP.


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