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Studying Psychology & Business Psychology
at PFH Private University of Applied Sciences

PFH offers you four accredited and state-recognised on-campus study programmes in Psychology and Business Psychology at the Göttingen campus. Please note that all courses in this study programme are held in German. The following links take you to our German website:



Bachelor of Science

6 semesters



Master of Science

4 semesters



Business Psychology
Bachelor of Science

6 semesters



Business Psychology
Master of Science

4 semesters


Your Benefits

  • University-internal selection procedure
  • Application-oriented specialisations
  • Accredited study programme
  • Study programmes in Psychology recognised by the BDP
  • Small learning groups
  • Studying in the university town of Göttingen
  • Possibility of switching between on-campus and distance-learning study programmes

Study Programme in Psychology

If you are interested in human behaviour and experience and also want to develop a career in this regard, a study programme in Psychology is exactly what you need. In this subject, you will learn to research, explain and modify, within a scientific context, people's perceptions, actions and related thought processes as well as the lifespan development of this content and its major internal and external causes and conditions.


This gives rise to a host of fascinating issues, such as:


  • Is it possible to reconstruct how people make decisions in certain situations?
  • How does language develop in children – and what advantages or risks does growing up bilingually hold?
  • How are learning processes in the brain modelled?
  • How do fears arise – and when do we refer to a psychological disturbance here?
  • How does learning at school work and how can learning processes be supported?
  • How does a person's first impression arise?



Study Programme in Business Psychology

If you wish to delve into human behaviour in a business context, a study programme in business psychology is suitable for you. As an interdisciplinary study consisting of content from Psychology and Business Sciences, it offers you fascinating research areas. Business psychology issues include, for example:


  • How do companies manage to recruit, foster and further develop the right personnel?
  • How can companies increase employees' productivity and satisfaction through modern work practices and preventive health measures?
  • How can the inclusion of psychological aspects develop and improve marketing campaigns?
  • What psychological criteria do investors use to make decisions on the financial market?

Innovative University for Studies in Psychology

PFH Göttingen is the right university for your studies in Psychology and Business Psychology. We have built up this area of study since 2013: from the curricula to the professorial and staff team through to the premises that include a laboratory. This framework guarantees optimum study conditions. Various teaching and learning formats, from classic lectures to seminars through to practical exercises and projects, contribute to the optimum imparting of psychological knowledge.


All study programmes in Psychology/Business Psychology at PFH are accredited by the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) and state-approved by the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture. The study programmes in Psychology are recognised by the Association of German Professional Psychologists (BDP). Detailed information about this is available here.


In distance-learning courses, PFH relies on the proven mix of complementary learning formats according to the blended learning concept, involving teaching formats like online lectures and tutorials, teaching videos, distance-learning units and personal supervision by our distance-learning team.



Study Psychology at the Göttingen Campus or as a Distance-Learning Course

We give you a choice, depending on your personal situation and your professional goals:


  • You can complete the study of Psychology and Business Psychology on campus in Göttingen. This programme is primarily intended for university entrance qualification holders and interested parties wishing to study full-time.
  • The Business Psychology/Psychology Distance Learning Course also enables working professionals to study Psychology and Business Psychology. The distance-learning course can be tailored to your individual private and professional situation (full-time/part-time post, family).



We provide the following study programmes for both forms of study:

Diverse Professional Opportunities for Psychologists

There are a variety of professional opportunities for graduates of a study programme in Psychology. In the pedagogical field, educational and social institutions are important employers for graduates of the Bachelor's degree in Psychology, with, for example, psychological activities in the context of school psychology and learning therapy being possible. Health authorities and rehabilitation clinics offer interesting lines of work in the field of health psychology. Particularly in the light of the growing importance of prevention and health preservation, varied and diverse tasks can be found here. Master's graduates are additionally qualified to undertake complex psychological activities in the fields of counselling, diagnostics, intervention planning and evaluation in educational, health, social and business institutions.



Interesting Lines of Work for Business Psychologists

Companies and management consultancies, in particular, offer lines of work for business psychologists. Psychological services of administrations and other public institutions also employ business psychologists. Other relevant deployment possibilities can be found in the area of personnel and Human Resource Management as well as in market research institutes and the marketing, media and advertising sector. Finally, there are also exciting professional opportunities within industry's institutions of initial, advanced and continuing education and public organisations.



Academic Career

An academic career is also open to Master's graduates of both areas, as a Master's degree entitles graduates to undertake doctoral studies.