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General Management (BWL) 
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The study programme in General Management, leading to a Bachelor of Science qualification, is intended for young people with a university or higher education entrance qualification who are interested in economic processes and want to make things happen.


If you would like to know how to manage the setting up of a company, production chains, sales processes or the market launch of a new product, this study programme is the right choice. You will become acquainted with the whole spectrum of business administration here.

Your Benefits
  • Integrated work placements and practical projects with partner companies
  • Individual supervision based on small learning groups
  • Development of personality: soft skills training and mentoring system
  • Language courses in any business-relevant language

Study Business Administration in Göttingen and Stade

We offer this study programme at Campus Göttingen and Hansecampus Stade. It lasts 6 semesters, is worth 210 ECTS, is accredited by ZEvA, the Central Accreditation and Evaluation Agency, and state-recognised.

BWL Studium Bachelor - Hörsaal

Study Content

In the study programme, you will learn how to analyse corporate processes, review them and make them cost-effective. The classic content of Business Administration studies includes the areas of procurement, production, sales and accounting. In addition, you will acquire sound know-how in cross-company functions like controlling, marketing, organisation and logistics as well as corporate management, tax and Human Resources. Up to the end of the second semester, you will attend the same courses as in the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and will be able to change your course of study up to this point on request.

Manager with Personality

In addition to the specialist content, PFH, more than perhaps any other university, has integrated elements that train your personal skills into the Management study programme. These elements include courses in soft skills, practical projects with companies and student social projects as well as personal mentoring through PFH professors.



International Orientation

Foreign language courses will prepare you for an international career. As soon as at least five students show interest, PFH will organise courses in any business-relevant language, no matter whether this is Spanish, Russian or Chinese. Moreover, you can gather international study and life experience through a semester abroad. It is for this reason that PFH has entered into university partnerships and participates in the Erasmus programme.

Industry-Oriented Specialization Areas

Food- and Agribusiness Management

Industrial Management

Tourism and Travel Management

Function-Oriented Specialization Areas

International Accounting/Controlling

International Marketing

Sales Management

Cross-Functional Specialization


Career Outlook: Many Opportunities, Best Prospects

The "Bachelor of Science" is an initial professional qualification. It will open up excellent prospects of an international management career to you. Graduates of the course of study are employed today in many different fields: as a product manager in a global group, as a banker in the financial centre of London, as a company successor in an SME, as a key account manager in China or as a marketing manager.


Within three semesters, you can then obtain the additional qualification of Master of Science in General Management. In a total of four-and-a-half years, you will therefore obtain a fully-fledged entitlement to study for a doctorate and improve your qualifications in terms of posts with leadership responsibility in companies and organisations.

No-Risk Entry –
Try Out Business Administration Studies

The PFH's No-Risk Entry campaign makes it easier to embark upon studies: new students can satisfy themselves as to the PFH's concept on site over a three-month period. If the study programme does not meet expectations, the University will reimburse the tuition fees.