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On-Campus Study Programmes
in Management/Business Administration

There are many good reasons for undertaking a study programme in Management at PFH. First and foremost, the career paths taken by our graduates point to the high quality of the study programme.


Well-known companies, as University trustees, help to design the syllabi, thereby ensuring that there is a strong practical orientation to the study programme.


Small seminar groups, individual supervision and professors who are always available and ready to listen are a matter of course at the PFH.

Your Benefits

  • Individual supervision in small learning groups
  • Practically oriented study programme in collaboration with well-known companies
  • Master's degree with a job guarantee
  • Development of personality: mentoring and soft skills training

PFH offers three study programmes in Management/Business Administration:



General Management
Bachelor of Science

In this course of study, you will learn, for example, how to manage the setting up of a company, production chains, sales processes or the market launch of a new product. It will impart extensive know-how across the entire spectrum of business administration.

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Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

If you already have a specific career goal in the area of management in mind, the study programme with its four alternative fields of study, Entrepreneurship, Retail/Marketing/E-Business, Tourism and Sport Management as well as Food and Agribusiness Management, will provide the right qualification. You can study Business Administration at the campus locations of Göttingen or Stade.

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General Management
Master of Science

This Master's degree will qualify you to perform functions with leadership responsibility in companies and organisations as well as to undertake an academic career. Numerous elective options and, if requested, up to ten months of practical experience in companies enable you to design your studies in an individual and practically relevant manner. PFH offers this study programme in Göttingen and Berlin.

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Holistic Management Training

Our programmes in Business Administration qualify you in a holistic sense to carry out leadership roles in the management of companies and organisations or to undertake an academic career. "Holistic" means that the study programme at the PFH not only provides you with specialist knowledge in Business Administration, but also trains your personal skills. Our graduates should be "managers with personality" who act in a manner that is not only commercially shrewd, but also responsible and sustainable. PFH has therefore integrated many elements that contribute to the development of personality into the study programme.


These include the social points (ECTS, which are acquired via voluntary commitment, say, to social projects), practical projects and theses, which you carry out in companies, as well as soft skills seminars, which impart social skills such as self-management, presentation techniques, team management and communication and negotiation skills.


Holistic training at PFH thus provides the ideal basis for our graduates' employability, i.e. for the totality of individual abilities and dispositions that enable them to successfully enter employment and hold their own in the long term in professional life.



Job Guarantee

As we are convinced that, by taking a Management study programme at the PFH, you will be creating the best conditions for your career, we give our Master's graduates a job guarantee. A part of the tuition fees will be returned to you if you have completed your course within the standard period of study, but have not found a suitable job within nine months of graduating. More detailed information about the job guarantee can be found on the page of the Master's degree in General Management.