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Study Abroad

New cultures, new contacts, new learning methods, new experiences, in short, a broadening of your horizons – a semester abroad can offer you all this. So, take advantage of your opportunity and complete a semester at one of our partner universities.



General Information

It is usually possible for students on bachelor's degree programmes to complete a semester abroad in the period between February and June in the 6th semester.


From WS 2013/2014, the General Management (B.Sc.) and Business Administration (B.Sc.) study programmes allow students to replace the last internship for which provision is made in the respective curriculum by credits achieved abroad. The practical or scientific specialisation in the General Management study programme can also additionally be replaced by credits achieved abroad.


During your semester abroad at a partner university, you remain enrolled at PFH and do not usually pay any additional tuition fees.


Students on master's degree programmes who need to complete a bridging semester can do this at a partner university. Click here for an overview of the PFH's current university partnerships.

PFH Calendar Dates

General Management, Bachelor of Science

SS: Beginning of April - End of July

WS: Beginning of October - End of February


General Management, Master of Science

SS: Beginning of April - End of July

WS: Beginning of October - End of January


Annual deadlines for PFH students to apply for a study abroad:

SS: Jun. 30th | WS: Feb. 28th

Process and Application Procedure


Prior to the stay abroad

  • The PFH's application form, indicating preferred partner universities, must be submitted to the International Office within the stipulated period, together with the necessary documents.
  • Following a successful application, the student will be allocated one of the partner universities that he/she has indicated by July 31st or March 31st for a semester abroad in the SS or WS, respectively. If the student accepts the university place, a security deposit of €100 will be levied and must be submitted in cash or by bank transfer to the Secretary's Office or the International Office. This security deposit will be returned to the student following successful completion of the semester abroad.
  • The student is nominated to the partner university by PFH. The student then applies to this partner university on an individual basis. Information about the corresponding application procedure, including any applicable deadline, will be e-mailed to the student. The decision on whether to accept a student rests with the partner university.


Additionally for applications to ERASMUS partner universities

  • Learning Agreement: The courses to be taken abroad must be selected and entered in what is known as the Learning Agreement. This document needs to be approved (signed and stamped) by the ERASMUS coordinators of both PFH and the partner university.
  • ERASMUS Acceptance Declaration

The decision on whether to accept a student rests with the partner university.


To be submitted after the stay abroad at (ERASMUS) partner universities

  • Letter of Confirmation (to be confirmed by the (ERASMUS) coordinator of the partner university) and Transcript of Records (issued by the partner university's examinations office)
  • Student's report