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Here you will find information for and by PFH students on all matters pertaining to study programmes, student activities and University events.

International Office


The International Office is the reference point for all questions about study abroad, teaching and research exchanges and international university partnerships. We will be pleased to advise you about planning your stay abroad, assist you with your projects, and look forward to welcoming international students at PFH Göttingen.


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Social Points


By means of the "social points" scheme, PFH asks you to carry out voluntary work and rewards social commitment, which you may anyway undertake in your spare time. You can achieve the social points, which are an obligatory part of the Management study programme, through very different activities, for instance by organising fund-raising campaigns, commitment to charitable associations or participation in the Students' Council.


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Bahn Semester Ticket


The Semester Ticket allows campus students to travel free-of-charge on the rail network of Deutsche Bahn and other railway operators on many routes in Niedersachsen and Nordhessen.


+ Overview of route network coverage

Culture Semester Ticket


The student identity card offers students on the Göttingen campus free or reduced entry to many events in Göttingen.


+ List of the participating promoters

PFH Blogspot


This is where students report on their experiences, on everyday and extraordinary matters at PFH. You can use blog text, video or picture gallery to take part in the PFH blog spot: what were your first days at the University and the student town of Göttingen like? What does night life have to offer? Or over and above everyday student life: Have you completed an exciting work placement? Or already started a company as a pupil? Anything like this is also worth posting. If you have an idea for a blog contribution or any questions, please contact us: presse(at)


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Aside from the curriculum, numerous scientific and non-scientific functions and events shape university life at PFH. These include: Entrepreneurship School, Göttingen Strategy Discussions, Göttingen Marketing Day, Research Colloquium, PFH Business Breakfast, Internship Fair, Profs@turntables, Half-Way Party, Christmas Ball, Graduate Ball.

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