Business Administration/Composites Study Programme in Stade
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Studying at the PFH Stade Hansecampus

With the establishment of the engineering science study programmes in Lightweight Engineering & Composites by the PFH, Stade has been Lower Saxony's youngest university town since October 2006. In 2011, the study programme in Business Administration was added to the available courses.

Business Administration study programme in Stade
Business Administration study programme in Stade
Composites/CFRP study programme in Stade
Composites/CFRP study programme in Stade

PFH Hansecampus Stade - A Modern Study and Training Centre

PFH Hansecampus Stade is located in the Ottenbeck quarter in the immediate vicinity of Stade Technology Centre, in which companies like Airbus, EADS and the Fraunhofer Institute work on developing fibre composite structures for use in aircraft construction, shipping and vehicle construction.


On an area of 3,000 square metres, the PFH's campus provides a lecture theatre for around 140 students, numerous other seminar rooms and laboratories boasting state-of-the art equipment, office rooms and meeting rooms for professors and lecturers and the University's own dining hall.

Engineering Study Programmes with Future Prospects: Lightweight Engineering & Composites

If you are looking for an engineering degree that offers unique future prospects, the key technology CFRP (carbon fibre-reinforced plastic) is the right choice. Lightweight structures made of fibre composites are being used more and more frequently in aircraft construction, automotive engineering, machine construction and wind turbine construction as well as in many other industries. The study content is imparted by professors with practical experience.


The University offers you practically oriented training, being located in the middle of Ottenbeck's industrial and service sector, in which more than seventy companies from throughout Europe that are engaged in work on carbon fibre-reinforced composites have established themselves. Deserving of particular mention is the Stade Airbus plant, which, among other things, manufactures the tail fin of the A380 here. Our corporate partners will give you, as a student, extensive insights into the CFRP process chain - from research and development to production through to recycling.


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Study Business Administration in Stade: Business Administration (Bachelor of Science)

The PFH is the only higher education institution in the Elbe-Weser area to offer a degree in Business Administration. The Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with its two focus areas of entrepreneurship (business start-up/ company succession) and food and agribusiness management (agricultural/food industry) is intended, in particular, for young people who would like to complete a study programme in the region or undergo parallel training with one of our many partner companies. This gives the study programme a distinctive high practical element, which is usually carried out in the partner company from the region. On graduation, the close collaborative network at the emerging business location of Stade gives students the best conditions for career entry.


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Under the StudyingPractice programme, there is also the possibility of a partial or full scholarship from a partner company. This collaborative programme enables many companies to recruit new academic blood in the field of management in the Stade region and its environs, with specialisation depending on company requirements and the student's interests. The practical phases take place in the relevant partner company. Further information about the StudyingPractice programme is available in our Brochure.

Hanse Town Stade

Stade is a town betwixt tradition and innovation. With its more than 1000-year history and a high density of high-tech industry, the town of Stade unites these apparent polarities into a unique combination.


Situated directly on the Elbe, Stade, as a part of Hamburg's growing metropolitan region, offers its around 45,000 inhabitants an industrial and science location with the benefits of a small town and a large city. Unbureaucratic channels for fast decisions in politics, administration and business, coupled with outstanding infrastructure, provide a favourable framework for initiatives and investments. In addition, Stade, with its old town, its cafés and numerous interesting shops, offers a special atmosphere, which develops its own, charming character.

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