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After Your University Entrance Qualification:
This Is What a Study Programme at PFH Offers You

Best Possible Career Prospects Due to Close Relationship with Companies

If you decide on a study programme at PFH, you are making the right choice for your professional future. Our graduates are particularly sought after by employers on account of the practical nature of the study programme: over 99 percent start their first job immediately after completing their studies, as they are optimally prepared for the world of work and can therefore assume responsibility quickly.


We also work particularly closely with companies during your studies: our contacts range from regional SMEs to world market leaders. In regular exchanges with these partners, we ensure that you learn, during your studies, exactly what you will need in your subsequent job.



Your Benefits

  • We foster your individual strengths
  • You learn precisely what you need in your subsequent occupation
  • Best career prospects thanks to our company contacts
  • More than 99% of our students start their first job immediately after their studies
  • Top conditions for business starters

We Foster Your Individual Goals

Up-to-date teaching content, individual coaching and small learning groups await you during your study programme at PFH. You can, if you want, also complete a semester abroad at one of our international partner universities. And we will also help you with any plan that you may already have for starting your own company: at our ZE Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (Centre for Entrepreneurship), we offer you the expertise and infrastructure that you require for developing an initial idea into a workable business model. Each individual student's development and success are particularly important to us: at PFH, you are not just a student number, but a personality that we foster individually. Together with us, you therefore not only acquire specialist knowledge, but also train important social skills, which will help you both professionally and privately.

What Changes for You during Your Studies

Switching from school to university is an important step in your life. As a student, you will enjoy more freedom and flexibility than you are accustomed to from your school days. You yourself can arrange your learning times, can decide which specialisations to choose and what professional direction you would thereby like to take. What is also important is the balance between student and private life, as some things will also change in this latter respect compared with your school days. You may move away from home, pursue new leisure activities and, ideally, form lifelong friendships. In this respect, your time as a student will have a formative influence over your whole life.

Further Information

If you have questions about a study programme at PFH Private University of Applied Sciences, please contact Linh Dinh using the contact form. Or attend one of our information events.