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A distance learning study programme at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences is an excellent opportunity to acquire new know-how in an active and target-oriented manner. It gives a long-term boost to graduates' professional careers. PFH currently offers German-taught degree programmes in the areas of Business SciencesPsychology and Business Psychology, Business Law, and Industrial Engineering and Management. Our range of courses includes four business administration programmes, five psychology/business psychology programmes and two bachelor's and master's programmes in business law, as well as a bachelor's programme in industrial engineering and management. Within these programmes, you may choose occupation-specific majors tailored to your further education needs. All distance learning study programmes are fully accredited and state-recognised bachelor and master's degree programmes.

Benefits of a PFH distance learning study programme

Around 2,850 distance learning, students are currently enrolled at our 13 distance learning centres in Germany and Austria. A distance learning study programme from abroad is likewise possible thanks to our collaborative partners throughout the world. We offer individually tailored Bachelor's, Master's or MBA qualifications, depending on prior education and objectives. At the same time, the PFH distance-learning study programme is taken in parallel with employment. This enables students to study and work at the same time, thereby securing their livelihood.

Distance learning students acquire additional flexibility by being able to organise their learning workload individually in terms of place and time. They are often already able to use the learned content in their current jobs while still studying. Furthermore, graduates from a PFH distance learning study programme enjoy an excellent reputation with employers, being regarded as determined, industrious, organised and resilient.

Academic success due to a fully developed didactic concept

Our distance learning courses are based on a market-leading concept: the PFH studyworld. This combines all the components that are crucial to success in the distance learning study programme:

  • Practically relevant academic programmes
  • Full-time professors and practically experienced lecturers
  • A fully developed didactic blended learning concept with a proven mix of distance learning units (distance learning unit on "Systematic Strategy Development and Implementation" available for download), partly voluntary, free on-campus phases, assignments by correspondence, videos and audio books
  • The virtual campus, myPFH, our e-learning platform
  • A broad range of services that facilitate studying Furthermore, students can avail themselves of our online forum to discuss with like-minded people and contact the University directly.

Distance learning business studies: Practically relevant business administration know-how

The PFH's four distance learning study programmes in Business Sciences impart modern business administration know-how for specialist and management positions in companies, institutions and organisations. Distance learning students can choose between the following four study programmes, which we offer in German (the links refer to our offering in German):

Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts (180 ECTS)

Business Administration, Master of Arts (120 ECTS)

Advanced Management, Master of Arts (60 ECTS)

Business Administration, MBA (60 ECTS)

Distance learning study programme - Psychology & Business Psychology: Diverse professional fields

The distance learning study programme in Psychology prepares graduates to provide better assessments of themselves and their fellow human beings and understand the motivations behind actions. These skills are in demand in the world of work, e.g. in social services and personnel services or at the management level. The distance learning study programme in Business Psychology combines Psychology, Business Psychology and Business Administration in an application-oriented manner, turning graduates into sought-after specialists in human behaviour in a business administration context. The programmes are designed to enable distance learning students to acquire not only basic knowledge but also practically oriented application, depending on their chosen specialisation.

Psychology & Business Psychology allows distance-learning students to choose between five different programmes in German (the links refer to our offering in German):

Psychology, Bachelor of Science (180 ECTS)

Business Psychology, Bachelor of Arts (180 ECTS)

Psychology, Master of Science (120 ECTS)

Business Psychology, Master of Arts (120 ECTS)

Applied Psychology for Business, Master of Arts (60 ECTS)


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