UX design trends to look out for in 2022
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In 2021, creativity seemed to flow fountain-like. Lots of amazing websites, apps and software for graphic designers were created. Based on what we know now, we can already predict most of the forthcoming tendencies in design. Let us check out the UX design trends to look out for in 2022


Focus on scrollytelling 

Scrolling is boring, requires a lot of time and takes effort to do. The best way to counter this, is to implement scrollytelling. It is basically a form of narrative that can be presented both on a page and in an app. Similar to a story in a video game, scrollytelling takes the user through a maze of symbols. It seems that they stay in one place, but by scrolling, the story unravels. Deliver a story in the most entertaining way possible. 


Make data lovable

People are too stressed and tired to look at complicated data. Usually, complex information is ignored because the user is trying to save their time and is more likely to scroll past it. Visualisation of data helps convey the right message in an engaging way. It is also directly connected with scrollytelling. Designers know how to visualise data to keep people’s attention. The user can quickly notice the conclusion to which the author is trying to lead. 


Make infographics look good

An infographic, or any other form of data visualisation, should follow the 3 principles of genuine storytelling through charts.

  1. The ratio of graphic elements that show data in comparison to the total numbers of elements on the graph should tend to be one.
  2. Use the maximum of the graph space by arranging data tightly and compactly.
  3. Portray data objectively. Visualisation of data needs to look cool but honesty is always the first priority


Use animation 

More and more companies are using animation on websites and in mobile applications. This improves user immersion and user experience because it makes the content more interesting and fun. Using a mixed style of animation is gaining more and more popularity: a combination of stop-motion and 3D, 2D and 3D animation. Motion design will be an important and well-thought-out part of brand position in the 2022 market. 


Implement microinteractions

Microinteractions, usually in the form of visual or sound effects, are small interface changes that help users navigate a website or an app. Animated interactions will breathe life into your design and help keep users engaged. However, it is important to have harmony in the elements, and not scatter attention to all corners of the monitor. Microinteractions should help users navigate pages, explain their functionality, and effortlessly introduce new users to them. 


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