The benefits of global accounting standards
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Learning about the specific benefits of a single set of global accounting standards can help small businesses understand how they could affect the financial reporting and evaluation of potential investments. Let us see together what some of these benefits are.



The biggest benefit of a single set of global accounting standards is the enhancement in comparability between companies in different countries. Accounting standards in one country can be very different from the accounting standards in another country.


Before an investor can compare two potential investments, they must reconcile the two companies to the same basis of accounting. The problem is similar for creditors in the way that two companies that are in similar economic shape can appear very different


Enacting a set of global accounting standards would put comparisons to equal footing, making it easier for small-business owners to evaluate international options for investment and cash management. 


International expansion 

Moving to a single set of global financial standards would also ease barriers to expansion for companies. If companies wish to expand overseas today, they need to consider international costs of compliance, which would mean adopting a completely new set of accounting records to meet statutory requirements in the new country.


Central authoritative body

From a policy-making standpoint, moving to a single set of global standards puts rule making into the hands of one body. Accounting standards are set within each country by each standard-setting body. One set of standards would reduce disagreement between countries and international regulators. 


In some countries, businesses are required to pay reporting fees that fund these standard-setting bodies which can have a big impact on a small business. Moving to a central authoritative body could reduce these costs drastically. 


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