Studying in Germany - The benefits of a Foundation Programme
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Studying in Germany - The benefits of a Foundation Programme

Choosing to study abroad can be one of the most adventurous, enriching and educationally stimulating experiences of your life. While the exciting social part of studying abroad is appealing, the academic and career benefits are now more relevant than ever. If you want to study in Germany, then thorough preparation is key!


Foundation programmes are courses specifically developed for international students who wish to study abroad and, in this case, have already some German skills. These programmes provide you with a more supportive environment during your studies and will ensure that you are well prepared for your chosen study programme.


Here are the benefits of enrolling in a foundation programme.


1. Improving language skills

PFH’s foundation programme, like any other, is designed with university study in mind. As a result, students are taught specialised academic language skills. So, you will not only be improving your general German language skills, but you will also be already learning important technical terms pertaining to your chosen field of studies.


2. Academic preparation

During the foundation programme you will also take selected course modules from your chosen field in either management, bionics or composites. Learning some of the study content will help you improve your academic knowledge before starting your selected study programme which is very beneficial.


3. More contact hours with teachers
The foundation programme includes individual support from international officers, language trainers and professors to ensure that your preparation will be successful. Having contact with professors means you’ll have more time to develop the understanding of your subject than you would get in a traditional university setting.


4. Preparation for campus life

In addition to preparing you to meet the academic challenges of your chosen field, the foundation programme will also help you prepare for life at the university. The process of moving to a new country with a language different from yours, as well as culture, can be a big adjustment. The programme will provide you with a welcoming and supportive environment to help you make that transition.


5. Guidance through your study abroad journey

Dedicated international officers and individual mentors will be there for you with personalised guidance at every stage of your study abroad journey, ensuring that you are experiencing the most of what we have to offer you. You can also participate in extracurricular activities such as field trips and company visits, as well as any news regarding internship opportunities.


Studying abroad is also about experiencing a new culture and way of life different to your own. PFH’s foundation programme offers lots of opportunities to experience local culture and to get involved in student activities.


We hope we’ve answered any doubts you might have about our foundation programme. At PFH we make sure that you are well prepared for your study programme and that you enjoy your student life!