Get a reduction in your tuition fees at PFH with a GMAT score of 630 or above
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The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an online exam with the purpose of assessing a student’s skills required when applying for graduate or postgraduate management programmes. It’s the most trusted and proven exam of academic success, and will, for sure, have an impact on your career. Even more so, having taken a GMAT can have an impact on your tuition fees here at PFH.


How so, you ask?


Well, if you’re a student looking to pursue a Master’s degree in General Management from our university, we hand out two partial tuition fee waivers, provided that you have at least a GMAT score of 630. The deadline for submitting your application is May 31st for the autumn intake and November 30th for the spring 2020 intake.


Why should you take the GMAT, what are its benefits? Let’s get into some of them.


Age limit and score validity

There’s no predetermined age limit for taking the GMAT, meaning you can take this text even after years of work experience. The GMAT score you earn is valid for 5 years, offering you a lot of flexibility. When talking about flexibility, another important thing to note is that there is no fixed date for taking the GMAT. Lastly, you can take the exam up to 5 times in a calendar year with a 16-day time gap between attempts.



Taking the GMAT not only increases the chances of studying and working abroad, it also helps you understand the qualities you possess and how you can use them in the job market. It will sharpen your skills of solving various difficulty level questions, managing time effectively, improving your knowledge on several topics under verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing.


A multicultural experience

The GMAT offers you the possibility to study abroad where you meet new people from all over the world and exchange customs. The experience of studying abroad will help you develop as an individual and make you aware of multicultural qualities. Having a multicultural experience of studying abroad and learning a new language, along with a great GMAT score, is all an added asset to your resume when looking for employment opportunities.


Higher salary

An outstanding GMAT score plays an equally big role after receiving your Master’s degree in General Management as it does before and during the study programme. Students with high scores are more likely to get admitted to top management schools, which in turn, have the greatest probability of acquiring a well-paid job. With the qualification earned at our university, PFH provides you with a job guarantee. We will return a part of your tuition fees if you’ve completed your course within the standard period of study, but haven’t found a suitable job within 9 months of graduating.


The world outside of the GMAT

At the end of the day, preparing for the GMAT and taking the exam, also prepares you for the business world. Not just in the content of the exam and the questions, but also in their form. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the GMAT is that it’s, in itself, a high-stakes experience. You know, the kind that managers deal with on a daily basis: experience where a lot is dependent on your performance.


There’s no doubt that having a good GMAT score is of great importance when it comes to studies and seeking employment after graduating. It may be stressful to take the GMAT, but you should use that stress as a diving board to the world of management. By going through the process of acquiring a GMAT, you’ll be far better prepared for the working world.


If you have have a GMAT score of 630 or above, don’t forget to apply for a chance to receive a partial tuition fee waiver. The deadline is May 31st for the autumn intake!