Reasons why UX design and product management are the perfect pair
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What does it mean to have a successful working relationship between two team members? It means having excellent communication, a common goal and empathy. These characteristics are important when thinking about the customers who use your product but also with the working relationship between the employees. Before we get into the reasons why UX design and product management are the perfect hair, let us first look into how they work together.


How do UX designers and product managers work together?

The job titles sound very different and it might be hard to understand the similarities. But both of them focus on the user. UX designers and product managers work together to research and understand what users need and then explore how they can meet their needs. Product managers must understand the principles of good UX design and UX designers must be aware of the business objectives and any time or technology constraints. 


What makes UX design and product management the perfect pair?

They share the same end goal

Both work together to create and improve products that help the user. They always understand and anticipate the users’ needs. To stay focused on their shared goal, both keep their eye on making a great product. Without a great experience for the users, the product will suffer.


They speak the same user-focused language

Both roles really focus on coming up with user-focused actionable solutions. Regardless of how much experience a UX designer or a project manager had, they share common characteristics like:

  • Having user empathy

  • Ability to synthesize user research

  • Getting good product insight and user feedback

  • Continuous improvement philosophy

  • Excellent communication


Teamwork makes the dream work

It takes a lot of hard work to create great products and both have a lot of responsibility on the team. During the research and design process, the UX designer and project manager divide and conquer the tasks at hand. They work together to learn everything they can about the user base and gain product insight. This allows them to adapt quickly to new findings or issues that may arise. 


They keep each other at check

UX designers and product managers work together to prioritize and strategize. Sometimes the priorities might not align and compromising may have to happen. Something that seems like an absolute necessity to UX may not be in line with the business goals at that time. But UX designers are valuable to project managers because they help keep the spotlight on the user when business objectives take center-stage. They know that users will feel the frustration if something does not work or does not meet their goals.


Conflict can lead to growth

Any relationship will occasionally have conflict. UX design and product management are both broad fields that are constantly evolving. When there are overlapping tasks and goals, it may not always be clear who is responsible for what and how to best work together. There is a lot to be learned by listening to and respecting each other’s points of view. Conflict can lead to growth as the two are developing a solution that will work best for the end users.


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