Reasons why Berlin is a great place for your internship
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Reasons why Berlin is a great place for your internship

Germany is a country known for its diverse and rich culture, world-famous festivals, breathtaking landscapes, and war-torn history. By occupying such an important place in the political, economic, and cultural world, Germany - or Berlin in particular - makes for a compelling study abroad destination. Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but in many ways the capital of Europe.


Full of life, Berlin brings together a lot of different trends and worlds. Its uniqueness lies in diversity and vibrant life. It’s a city of young people and students. Being a study abroad student, you can look forward to world-class experiences on a student budget, helpful government subsidies, fun classmates, easy connections for travel across Germany and Europe, and a busy social life outside of the classroom.


1. High density of companies

Berlin holds not only the headquarter of such typical German traditional companies like Siemens or the Deutsche Bahn it is also home of the internet giant Zalando. Next to various headquarters other big companies have major branches in Berlin, like Bayer, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa or Vattenfall.

A big plus for your internship is the fact that companies in Berlin grow faster than the rest of Germany, which not only means they are looking for students to help them, but also increases the chances of finding a job there after you finish your studies.


2. Start-up capital of Europe

If you’re interested in technology, entrepreneurship and management, Berlin is said to be what Silicon Valley was in the 90’s. Even if you’re not a tech geek yourself, there’s simply the benefit of being in a city with soooo much going on: events, networking, cool study and co-working spaces, emerging trends, and interesting people to befriend.


3. Low cost of living

Contrary to the popular belief that European capitals are expensive to live in, Berlin is one of the least expensive among its peers. Compared to London, Berlin is said to be five times less expensive on average. An apartment, including the communal costs, circles around 300-700 EUR, depending on the area. Food expenses vary depending on your habits and you can spend anywhere between 150 and 300 EUR. Cinema tickets can be expensive so avoid going there on Sundays. Visiting monumental institutions will cost you close to nothing as a student as you will find there are discounts everywhere. You can probably get away with a monthly budget of 600-800 EUR, depending on your accommodation and lifestyle.


4. Easy to get around

Berlin is a sprawling city, but everything is well-connected by public transportation, which is free for students to use. You can also buy a bike and feel like a true Berliner :). You can easily find all information on public transport online. Berlin is well-situated for exploring central and eastern Europe, as well as Germany itself. Prague is only 5 hours away by car, Warsaw 5 hours, you can easily find cheap bus tickets and flights to the rest of Europe for as little as 50-100 EUR round-trip.


5. Exciting nightlife

Berlin has a big and exciting nightlife. The parties don’t start until 2 am and don’t end until breakfast the next morning. Its clubs are arguably the best and some of them open for three days straight on the weekends. If you happen to love techno music, then you’ll for sure enjoy Berlin as it is especially known for its cutting edge DJs, deep house and techno scene.


6. City of the Arts

One of the reasons Berlin is the hotbed for start-ups is its thriving arts and cultural scene, allowing a fusion of creativity and tech that breeds innovation. The city itself has over 50 theatres, 3 operas, 2 symphony halls, and 150 museums. With countless exhibitions, galleries, shows, and what not, your experience studying in Berlin will be immense.


7. Close to nature

Berlin is very green, in fact it’s one of the greenest cities in Europe, a cosmopolitan city surrounded by forests, gardens, lakes, parks, and rivers. The scenery is ever-so-beautiful and air fresh.


8. A home for history buffs

If you are interested in World War II or the Cold War, Berlin is a fascinating city to study and live in. Berlin Wall, The Holocaust Memorial, and East Side Gallery are just some of the many famous attractions. You can even tour a real nuclear bunker from the Cold War or visit a German concentration camp near the city.


We hope we helped you made up your mind about an internship in Berlin. And rest assured that our programmes (e.g. the masters in Management) have enough room for your career, with planned time for internships.