Places to visit while studying in Stade (close to Hamburg)
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Places to visit while studying in Stade, near Hamburg

Studying abroad might just be the most beneficial thing in a student’s life. That’s mainly because it opens the door to opportunities which will boost your life experiences (and resume). Now, if you’re in doubt about where to study, continue to read on as we tell you all about the exciting places you can visit while studying in Stade, Germany.


Stade is located less than an hour north-west of Hamburg and can be reached easily by car or train. It is a town with more than a millennium of history and over the years it has absorbed a high density of the high-tech industry and innovation. If you are planning to study masters in Composites, then this is the right place for you to advance your education . More than seventy companies that are working with carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers (CFRP) have established themselves in the region of Stade. Also thanks to our corporate partners, as a student, you will gain extensive insights into the CFRP process chain - from research and development to production through to recycling.



And not to forget that Stade’s neighbouring city Hamburg has the highest GDP in Germany, which is the fourth largest national economy in the world. Hamburg is also Germany’s main port, home to Nivea and Montblanc, an Airbus production site, and so much more! An ever-growing city, Hamburg is also Germany’s wealthiest city and with an extremely high employment rate at 92.1% of the working age population, work opportunities are plentiful.


Going back to our campus in Stade, other than studying, let’s go through some of the numerous places you can visit while being here.


1. The Orchard of the Alte Land

The Alte Land is only a few minutes outside Stade and you can visit it by bike. The nation’s fruit paradise of a 170 square kilometres of orchards, with its old thatched houses, makes it a very popular day trip destination. Alte Land, meaning “old country” in German, refers to the times when the region was colonised by Dutch settlers. The houses are famous for their decorative facades and elaborate gateways. As far as seasons go, spring is definitely the most colourful in this region as the whole land blossoms with pink and white flowers, followed by the openings of the buds of the cherry, prune, plum and the many apple trees.


2. Open-air Museum on an island in Stade

“The Island” is one of the oldest freely accessible open-air museums in Germany. It’s located on an island, which was part of the old city fortification and is within walking distance from the old town. Part of the museum buildings form an Alte Land farmhouse from 1733 which shows the original floor plan and a large part of the interior design. Make sure to see the post mill and the typically adorned gate from the Alte Land.


3. The Stade Art Gallery
This gallery is a typical example of a merchant’s house. It is the highest half-timbered house and its crane beams and warehouse openings add to the building’s undeniable charm. High-calibre exhibitions make every visit a genuine experience of art. Inside you can see exhibitions with the works of renowned artists and there are even paintings by Pablo Picasso displayed.


4.  The church of St. Wilhadi

Stade’s oldest building is this three-nave gothic hall church which was constructed in the 11th century and bears parts dating back to the 13th century. A real cultural treasure is the organ of the church. It was constructed by the master organ builder Erasmus Bielfeldt between 1731 and 1736. St. Wilhadi is truly mesmerizing and if you’re into history, then be sure to put it on your list.


5. The Swedish Warehouse Museum
A time journey through the ages, this museum’s exhibits and media stations cover a display area of 1,600 square meters. Housed in the former Swedish warehouse on the old Hanseatic harbour, the building rises out of the water. The amazing exhibition on the Hanseatic League is unique in Germany. Add that to the so-called harbour findings, this museum can easily compete with harbours such as London or Bergen.


6. Hamburg

As Hamburg is so close by and has so much to offer, it could be 20 posts on what to do there itself. In short, Hamburg has 3 state theatres, 40 private theatres and just as many museums that offer a variety of cultural programmes. All of that makes Hamburg the number one musical metropolis on the continent. Also, Hamburg is often called by the nickname “Gateway to the World” which can be attributed to the harbour. In the middle of the city you can see huge container ships from all over the world right next to you. Apart from the vast harbour, you can find elegant shopping arcades, beautiful boutiques and antique shops.

If you are already enrolled in, or applying to, our masters in Composites, know that the CFK Convention takes place in Stade each year. It is a central platform for technical exchange on the highest level in the field of CFRP technology. This year, the theme of the convention is “Composite Innovations for Global Mobility”. There will be a lot of renowned companies present, including our corporate partner, Airbus.


We hope you enjoyed the list of places to see while studying in Stade. If you’re still in the phase of considering where to study in Germany, take a look at our masters in Composites with a campus located in Stade. At PFH we make sure that you enjoy your student life while studying!