PFH programmes in Management and Composites and career prospects
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You’ve completed your studies, graduated from PFH and are now in the hunt for job opportunities. Graduation plays a critical role in shaping one’s professional career. After finishing your university studies, you have enough knowledge in a particular industry and are now ready to put your knowledge into practice.


Graduation provides a base that you can utilise to realise your dreams. For some it’s easy to fulfil their dreams and for some it’s not. Here at PFH our study programmes in Management and Composites come with the best career prospects.




With campuses in Berlin and Gottingen, PFH’s Master’s degree in Management enables you to add academic depth to specialist focus areas of the basic study programme or to add further focus areas. In addition, it focuses on Corporate Management and Accounting and it contributes to developing your personality and strengthening your personal skills.


Studying management in Germany comes with many perks and is a first-choice for many students from the field of business. Our Master’s Degree in Management will qualify you for challenging activities in business and academia. You will be able to carry out leadership functions in companies and organisations.


Career prospects in Management


PFH Management graduates are employed throughout the world and in a wide variety of industries today: as a marketing manager in Asia, as a controller in DAX company, as an adviser in a public auditing firm, as an international market representative for an automotive group, as a brand specialist in the food industry, as a managing director of the graduate’s own start-up or as a Professor of Business Administration at a university.


One of the advantages of studying management at PFH is that we offer graduates a job guarantee. With this guarantee, PFH undertakes to repay 20 percent of tuition fees if you have completed the programme within the standard period of study and have not found a suitable job within 9 months. Our graduates are sought after in business and usually have a firm contractual commitment, even before completing their studies.




With a campus in Stade near Hamburg, PFH’s Master’s Degree in Composites will give you a cross-industry qualification enabling you to undertake management tasks in activities related to fibre composites. Collaborative partners like Airbus, DLR and Fraunhofer Institute are in the immediate neighbourhood of the campus.


The first two semesters are given over to the theoretical consolidation of the engineering science content, focusing particularly on the conceptual and structural design of fibre composites, partially/fully automated manufacturing processes and process optimisation. You will also obtain extensive knowledge about designing multi-functional composites and implementing intelligent fibre composite structures.


Career prospects in Composites


Having a Master’s Degree in Composites from PFH you will enjoy excellent career prospects in many different branches of industry. These include, for example, aircraft construction, automotive engineering, machine construction, ship and yacht building, railway vehicle and wind turbine construction.


You will find possible areas of deployment in product development and in the areas of design, manufacture, application technology, technical advice or  customer sales. The CFRP branch of the economy is currently forecast to experience overall growth of around 10 percent a year. The already high demands, from business to research, for engineers with expertise in composites will therefore increase even further in future.


If you are already in the process of searching for a job, please take a look at our blog post about finding a job in Germany that includes more information on the different work permits. At PFH we make sure you find your suitable job after graduation!