How to develop great business English communication skills
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If you want to be a successful business professional, you have to talk like one. And if you don’t know the right phrases and expressions, you may be left out of the conversation. But learning to use the right kind of language will get you noticed. It will help you to communicate better and make people pay attention to you. 


The difference between regular English and business English

When you’re at work, you’ll use different vocabulary than you would when speaking to family or friends. At the same time, you’ll hear popular phrases in business English that are also spoken elsewhere. 


Business English uses a lot of common expressions, like “the bottom line”, which means getting to the final point. If you say you’re speaking “off the top of your head”, it means you’re speaking spontaneously. Expressions like there are called idioms or slang. Real business people speak like this every day. It’s important to understand these expressions when they’re used. It’s even more important to use them at the right time in a conversion. 


How to start speaking business English

Listen, listen, listen

Just like you listened as a child before you started speaking, you have to listen to business English before you can speak it. Even if your main learning style is different, the first key to speaking is listening. Hearing the same phrases over and over again makes a lasting impression on your mind.


Don’t worry about grammar at the beginning

We start speaking years before we learn grammar. Speaking is often not exactly grammatically correct. The language of business English is spontaneous. It flows and sounds natural. Remembering grammar rules when you’re speaking is like remembering which foot should go next when you’re trying to walk. It takes too much brainpower. It makes you hesitate and breaks up the natural flow of words.


Build your vocabulary with phrases

As a child, you had to learn to combine words to be understood. So forget sitting down and trying to learn the most common business words, learn business phrases. Words are almost always used with other words. Words by themselves are hard to remember, and they will hardly ever be used alone. Combinations of words in business English are phrases that have meanings. They are much easier to remember when we understand when and why they are used.


Say it out loud

If you don’t say it out loud, it’s only in your mind. By practising phrases out loud, they become more natural and we get used to hearing ourselves. If we try to say something for the first time in front of others, it sounds strange to us. It will sound strange to others as well. Saying things out loud might be uncomfortable at first. But the more you do it, the more easily you’ll be able to express yourself.


Repeat, repeat, repeat

This is a lot like the first point about listening. As obvious and boring as it sounds, repetition stamps a lasting impression on the mind. It makes the connections between information solid. Learning happens when stuff gets repeated. Just try learning music and not practising. You might learn theory, but you will never play an instrument well. Even learning to ride a bicycle takes practice.


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