German Bionic's carbon fibre exoskeleton
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Last June, German Bionic unveiled the latest generation of its smart power suit. Made from ultra-light carbon fibre, the exoskeleton is capable of lifting heavy loads of up to 28 kg


The suit is integrated with the company’s cloud-based software system which can connect to the industrial Internet of Things and the Smart Factory. The software allows the suit to be personalised for multiple users and comes with a range of apps to further customise the device.


Carbon fibre frame

Carbon fibre is widely known for its use for high-tech applications in the aerospace and automotive industry. It is significantly stronger than steel yet is just a fraction of its weight. By using this cutting-edge material, the exoskeleton is now not only much stronger but also considerably lighter.



Weighing in at 7.4kgs, the company teamed up with SGL Carbon who assisted in the development of a new carbon fibre load-bearing structure which makes the device stronger and much lighter than previous models.


Power and battery

With its dual high-performance servo motors capable of offsetting weights of up to 29 kg, the exoskeleton actively supports the lifting of heavy loads for up to 8 hours with a single, quickly exchangeable standard battery pack. 


Cray Visor

Combined with the Cray X power suit is the all-new smart Cray Visor which connects wirelessly to the suit and integrates a heads-up display allowing for instructions and other useful information to be displayed on the screen. What’s more, it also helps protect wearers from airborne health risks.


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