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Read more on how life is at the different campuses, the benefits we have implemented in our programmes and how to get the most out of your studies.

international students in Germany enjoying a walk together

There are so many things to think of and do before you go study abroad, especially if it’s your first trip. We're here to help you prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

student studying in nature looking at tablet

The success of any business is tightly associated with the success of its management. Here are 10 rules to follow for successful corporate management.

professor teaching students in class

GFRP is used in various industries, making it a ubiquitous material. Learn more about the manufacturing process, properties and application of this composite material.

Living costs for international students in Germany

Comparing Germany to other EU countries will show you that it’s not very expensive. Here's your pricing overview to prepare you for your study abroad time.

students sightseeing

Enjoy reduced costs when visiting cultural attractions and events with our Culture Semester Ticket and free local transport with our Bahn Semester Ticket. Find out more!

Students chatting outside of PFH's main entrance

Do you have a GMAT score of 630 or above? Learn how you can use it to receive a reduction in your tuition fees at PFH. Deadline is May 31st!

student reading on tablet

Every positive action you take in your career will help establish you as a leader. Use these seven tips for effective management to help you along.



Understanding German work culture and values

Starting a career abroad is a challenge. We give you insights into the German work culture and business values to ease your transition to this destination.

Group of students studying outside on campus at PFH

Studying abroad is an adventure and a source of personal growth for students. Read 6 reasons why to study abroad including discovering country and culture.

Student reading on tablet outside on campus at PFH

In the world of composite materials, keeping up with market trends and technology is extremely important. Here's a list of trends to watch out for composites in 2019.

Students talking on campus at PFH

Foundation programmes are designed to fill the gap between your current qualification and the level needed to be admitted. Read everything you need to know about a foundation programme.

Student reading a book outside on campus at PFH

Graduating in management gives you a broad knowledge of business, finance, economics and marketing, plus a range of practical skills and work experience, making you highly sought after by employers.

PFH programmes in Management and Composites and career prospects

You are graduating from PFH and looking for a suitable job. At PFH we offer you solid career prospects in management or composites. Discover your job options.

Rooftops in Berlin

Berlin is a major capital in Europe and a very popular study abroad destination. Doing an internship in such a city can elevate your resume. Read more to discover the reasons for becoming an intern in Berlin.

Professor explaining study material to students in library

Germany is the most popular study destination and has an extremely low unemployment rate for university graduates. The visa policy allows for finding a suitable job. You can find the details more in depth here.

Signing agreement between PFH and Airbus

Carbon fibre is increasingly celebrated as a wonder material and it’s no doubt it has made revolutionary changes in engineering. Its unique combination of high strength and low weight is used by Airbus, BMW, Nordex and many more...

Girl reading on a tablet on Campus

Studying abroad is great and highly recommended! Conducting an internship while studying abroad even increases your immersion in the country and your career chances for the time after your studies. Read the full article about the benefits of an internship while studying abroad here.

Students at PFH wearing suits

Students don't just learn from lectures, they also learn from things happening around them. An added value to studying management is to study in Germany. Here is a list of reasons to study management in Germany.

Students in Gottingen walking around the city and eating ice cream

In our post about the student life in Gottingen we will talk about what students do in Gottingen, what are the city's main attractions and what fun activities they can pursue while studying there...more.

Professor teaching about aerospace engineering at PFH with a model airplane

Aerospace engineering is an important pillar to Germany’s reputation as a technology leader. Composites are now a key material due to their strength, weight and durability. Read more here.

Girl reading on tablet outside on PFH campus

Foundation programmes are made specifically for students from abroad. They provide you with a supportive environment and will ensure that you are well prepared for your chosen study programme at PFH.

Professor explaining aerodynamics

Stade is a city with beautiful architectural heritage and rich history, located close to Hamburg. Being so close to a major port city like Hamburg, you'll get to experience the busy city. Here are some places to visit while studying in Stade.

Students walking on campus after lectures

Events are great to see trends unfolding or network for your own future. If you're interested in composites, make sure to attend the 13th European Trade Fair on Composites.

Your benefits of studying at the PFH

  • Individual supervision and small learning groups
  • High practical element in the study programme
  • Best career prospects for graduates
  • High-tech study programmes for carbon and orthobionics