Research at PFH


Research institutes and activities

Through its research institutes and activities, PFH is building up expert knowledge, thereby raising its profile not only in teaching but also in science. Numerous projects, publications, conferences, and talks by professors and their research assistants take place throughout the year. The continuing expansion of these research activities is at the very top of the agenda of university development.

Research in the Field of Psychology

Research in psychology includes topics from psychotherapy, work and organizational psychology, health psychology, action control and the psychology of self. Digitization and human-technology interaction are our overarching cross-cutting themes. We use the latest technologies, such as virtual reality and smart sensors to get to the bottom of psychological issues.

Research Papers and Studies in the Field of Economics

The Forschungspapiere/Research Papers and the Studies document PFH's research activities. This allows the University to create a high-profile and high-calibre platform for its scientific activities and enables it to communicate the results quickly and comprehensively to target groups relevant to the research.